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3,5 sterren uit 116 beoordelingen
1 okt 2020 om 21:26 Prima burritos, lekker warm goed gevuld.
16 sep 2020 om 21:49 Both Burritos were mostly Rice and some beans. Very little other ingredients in the filing. Ordered extra Cheese but barely any Cheese inside also. Has been a good experience in the Past but this time really boring. No Veggies in the Veggie Burrito?
26 mei 2020 om 20:44 Basically nothing in the burrito
13 mei 2020 om 19:56 Top!
28 apr 2020 om 21:44 Fout gemaakt in de bestelling (vlees i.p.v. vegetarisch) telefonische niet bereikbaar, dus niet gegeten vanavond...
29 feb 2020 om 13:37 Very boring burrito. The vega option was just rice and beans in a wrap. No option for salsa or anything to spice it up. How can they make Mexican food so dull?
27 feb 2020 om 22:03 Wrong order not so tasty
15 feb 2020 om 6:43 Delivery took way too long. It said it was on its way for almost 2 hours
7 feb 2020 om 14:28 Burrito heeft echt alleen rijst, bonen, gehakt en kaas. Saus was verder ook karig. Tegenvaller.
21 jan 2020 om 20:40 Goede bezorging, teleurstellende burrito... 'Beef' is slap gehakt. And PLEASE don't order the (tortilla) chips. Disappointing! Sorry people - no doubt good intentions here but not working...
10 dec 2019 om 18:14 The burrito Angus beef, was boring, to much rice, no guacamole, no hot sauce, no tomato salsa. There was about 5 small falkes of meat, and just a few beans. Very badly done! If you order in, at the restaurant, you can get a good one. No more ordering!
10 nov 2019 om 22:21 Heerlijke burrito! We hebben genoten!